comScore, Inc., the parent company of Full Circle Studies, Inc., is a certified participant in the TRUSTed Data Collection Program, a project developed by TRUSTe, the leading provider of online privacy solutions. comScore adheres to the principles of TRUSTe's comprehensive "Truth in Privacy" model, which includes transparent, clear notice to consumers about data practices.

For more information about TRUSTe, please click on their logo below:

comScore supports the goals of the Digital Advertising Alliance, which has introduced Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. comScore requires companies that place our tags on their webpages to include a notice that its sites or applications use cookies or other identifiers that collect anonymous traffic data, and that these cookies or other identifiers may be placed by the website or by a third-party who provides services to the web site. comScore's tags are used for market research; they are not used for behavioral advertising.

Companies that follow the self-regulatory principles may choose to employ a third party solution, like what is offered by Evidon. For more information about Evidon, please click on their logo below:

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